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We believe in ideas that leave a cultural footprint and provide value to people and communities.

We craft stories for companies and organizations that build their identity and maintain their reputation. We do this by employing a unique hybrid of strategic methodologies from such disciplines as advertising, branding and business consulting. Once a strategy has been devised and signed off, we execute the strategy across three main platforms: Design, Content and Events.

For new brands, this usually includes all of the above. For existing brands that need an infusion of new blood, this may include only one or two of the above. Regardless, whatever we do, we do with flair and with the knowledge that it makes a difference.



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· The Thought Jan 2015 ·

Business Creatives

Throughout the last century, creative people have played a vital role in the world of business; from advertising, public relations and advocacy, branding and product design. Each discipline offered a holistic world and comprehensive approach that brought an innovative methodology to a business’ perception as well as essence, communications and operations.

Their influence was great because the creative service was assumed to be essential to corporate success (and it often was). With the access that influence provides came the opportunity to shape corporate futures and this was the main driver in shaping new schools of thought. For the creative mind, it’s only natural that the more he is exposed to a business’ inner machinations, the more ideas he will have to make it better as well as having more angles to introduce.

When discussing the latest evolution of creativity in the service of business – we look at a new discipline simply called Creative Business. Or Innovation (capital I).

The business turmoil is creating a lot of anxiety. But, it’s also creating a lot of opportunity. creatives are once again commanding attention if they can deliver a believable innovation offer. More than ever, business is receptive to new ways of thoughts and re-shuffling their priorities in the hope of gaining a much needed advantage.

Corporations need intuition + creative teams to bring insights from outside. Corporations need creatives who understand how to meet people’s needs in the future. Corporations need the informed intuitions that creatives provide—more than ever. And they will need to bring them to the boardroom or decision table.

From uncovering as yet unfulfilled needs, to discovering whole new categories of opportunity or inventing market-dominating brands, the record of creative service success is unprecedented in its role towards growth.

Creative Business is no longer about answering the brief, but creating the brief and then delivering.

The challenge, as it has always been, is to find opportunities that are right for our clients in the ever-changing marketplace. And, as always, we creatives must continue to help our clients understand how our informed insights will improve their image, their products and services, and their relationships with customers. Our challenge is to take our well-honed intuition and present it in a methodical manner that shows a blue-print for change and growth.



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